Packaging of products for commercialization

The Packaging Laboratory offers the service of adapting imported pharmaceutical products to Chilean regulations.

Novofarma has strict quality processes and highly qualified personnel with experience in production lines, allowing us offer diverse and timely solutions to have products suitable for local marketing.

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We have segregated areas for packaging of pharmaceutical products for human and veterinary health duly authorized by the corresponding regulatory entity.

Our facilities have areas qualified for packaging process at room temperature and maintaining the cold chain.

We have qualified equipment, such as: encoders, dynamic scales, heat shrinkable ovens, conveyor belts, semi-automatic sealers, automated equipment for inspection.

We have a quality area dedicated to ensuring production processes and additional services such as labeling and packaging material inspections.


Packaging Human Health Products

Client solutions include the secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products at room temperature and with a cold chain, such as:

  • Labeling and stamping of legends on primary and secondary packaging.
  • Repackaging with and without change of presentation.
  • Inclusion of accessories and sealing of secondary packaging
  • Repackaging of products

Packaging Animal Health Products

Client solutions include product packaging at room temperature and with a cold chain, such as:

  • Stamping of legends on primary and secondary packaging
  • Secondary container labeling
  • Inclusion of accessories
  • Secondary packaging sealing

Other Products Packaging

This area packages other products with SEREMI authorization, including:

  • Thermosealers for assembling promotional packs with high quality process standards.
  • Stamping of inscriptions on primary and secondary packaging.
  • Labeling of primary and secondary packaging and packaging boxes.
  • Repackaging with and without change of presentation.
  • Inclusion of accessories.
  • Assembly of promo packs.
  • Re-packaging of products.
Inspection Services

We have a Quality Area in the Packaging Laboratory that offers the following services:

  • Control of production processes: authorization, process control, release.
  • Inspection of packaging materials.
  • Label inspection.

The quality area has equipment such as an analytical balance, caliper, automated and validated text inspection system. All these devices have maintenance and calibration plans.

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals and personnel led by a professional pharmacist.

Automated production system

The packaging service operates under an automated information system that provides process transparency to clients through their online access.

The main benefits of the automation system are:

Transparency & Control

Simple viewing of packaging process information via:

  • Web Tracking
  • Information available online
  • Online Packaging Reports

Control center

A single place to store process records and documentation:

  • Reduced information search times
  • Differentiated user access
Simple Communication

Ease of document management:

  • Direct upload of documentation on the web platform
  • Process automation